''O Maidens in Your Savage Season 5''
Mari Okada, Nao Emoto

ISBN: 9781632368515 | 160 pages | 4 Mb


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O Maidens in Your Savage Season 5 Mari Okada, Nao Emoto
Publisher: Kodansha International

As a teen, how do you start thinking about sex?

This debut manga from anime legend Mari Okada (Maquia) follows five girls and their five moving, funny, and mortifying answers. Join their bittersweet (and a little spicy) journey from girlhood to... whatever comes next!

Anime coming soon!


Kazusa is determined to tell Izumi she likes him, and the staged reading the Literature Club will perform for the school festival provides ample inspiration. All the while, Nina is coming to her own conclusions about how nice Izumi is, how thoughtful he is, how easy it is to talk to him... With the festival as their backdrop, each girl begins to write her own definition of what "love" might really mean.